9月25日号のタイム誌の記事「イギリス人が英語の喋り方を学ばないわけ」 "Why Can't the English Learn How to Speak?"について、9月27日に投稿しましたので投稿内容を公開します。

Why Can’t the English Learn How to Speak? Page 44  TIME, September 25, 2006


As one of the non-native English speakers struggling to master English accents, I am envy of Lucy Fisher, the writer of this article, having inherited received pronunciation(RP) in her mother tongue even though she has been sometimes embarrassed to be seen as a person of the upper class because she actually belongs to the plain middle class.

As the number of non-native speakers such as the Indians, the Chinese and other Asian people having little sense of the social class in their English is increasing so rapidly, I expect they will soon overwhelm the RP in the motherland and change it to a new “glocal”(meaning global but local) English as the standard on earth.




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