3月26日号のタイム誌の記事「バッファローが歩き回るわけ」("Why the Buffalo roam." TIME, March 26, 2007 )について3月26日に投稿しましたので公開します。


Mother Nature unexpectedly warns us that the excessive behavior of human beings could give life or death to any species on earth. One positive example of such behaviors is given by your article that the recovery of the Buffalo in number has been closely linked to the human appetite for meat. Paradoxically enough, only natural and wild environments can foster leaner bison than cattle to satisfy the greed for healthier meat without locking them in the confinement feedlots filled with tons of pesticide and fertilizer. The more eco-friendly wild environment is preserved all across the U.S., the more bison could eat natural grass for their leaner and healthier body.

Therefore, I strongly feel that Bison gave us a precious lesson that someday human beings would perish by such terrible diseases as mad cow disease if we continue to breed cattle in confinement with lots of pesticide and fertilizer.




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