10月30日号のタイム誌の記事「アジアの一大科学実験」("Asia's Great Science Experiment")について、11月6日に投稿しましたので投稿内容を公開します。

Asia’s Great Science Experiment Page 46  TIME, October 30, 2006

Your message is shocking for Americans and Europeans. Namely, Asian economies are not the only clear and future threat to the advanced ones as U.S. and Europe that they have long believed, but Science is another clear and present danger to them.

However, Asians, especially the Chinese, the Indians and the Koreans, should also stay sharp because the loose ethical codes and hasty ambitions by scientists and engineers in those countries could lead to a serious disaster in the future like the environment hazards spreading all across Asia now.

What is needed now for both Europeans and Asians is not to remain on the sidelines with each other but to act together to benefit from this global science innovation.







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